Monofilament Extrusion Machinery

Monofilament extrusion machinery

 Performance and Qualities:

The device using content of polypropylene & high density polyethylene, by way of heating extruding and drawing helps make tape that is then winded for the weaving of thecircular loom.

Through our sustained enhancing , the machine can use a hundred% regenerated PP & PE ,powder or grain PP & HDPE to generate tapes .The screw and cylinder of extruder are of 38 CrMoAIA alloy metal, the hardness is in excess of HV 950 after nitrogenation treatment. CZPTcal gear reducer manufactured of twenty CrMnTi Tially metal is applied to the extruder, the gears & chain wheels are made of 45# medium carbon steel and carried out the remedy of higher frequency quench.The driving rollers are plated with difficult Cr, pressure self-managing of winding-rollers are utilized to the driving device..

The cylinder of extruder, triton and die adopt aluminum forged heater which is endurable.


Primary CZPT Parameters:


Monofilament Extrusion Machinery