Horizontal Tensile Testing Equipment Shenli 5000kn

CZPT introduction:
Law Sequence Personal computer Handle Electro-hydraulic Horizontal Tensile Testing Equipment is used for the tensile exams of numerous materials, this sort of as electric wire, cable, rope, metal wire, anchor chain, slings, metal rod, pipe and plate. It can immediately calculate the max. load, max. tensile strength, elongation percentage etc. and print the test benefits and examination curves at any time.

  • Load frame: solitary tensile take a look at area design with welded frame construction, it has no-gap and superior stiffness.
  • Crosshead motion mode: motor adjustment stops instantly at pre-set situation. CZPT pin composition to take out or place in the pin to launch or correct the shifting crosshead.
  • CZPT grips for easy gripping of specimens with no slippage and particular grips can be requested for specimen with hole, shoulder specimen and so on..
  • The load frame, oil supply foundation and crosshead undertake welded steel plate framework with large stiffness and steadiness. With special treatment method, they are totally free of deformation for prolonged services life.
  • High precision tensile sort load cell steps the load right with outstanding anti-lateral force and anti-affect capability.
  • Higher pace twin-motion cylinder with wide adjustment range, high test performance and rapidly return velocity.
  • Laptop controls the examination process to recognize the computerized system handle of various modes, such as load, displacement, deformation etc.. The Personal computer attracts examination curves instantly, proceeds info examination and storage and examination take a look at end result automatically. Aside from automated handle, manual management manner can also be selected on customer’s ask for.
  • Silent interior large force gear pump with minimal noise below 65db under max. load. With stress stick to-up technology, the hydraulic technique force follows the working force in oil cylinder for all the time to help save vitality.
  • Innovative and trustworthy PCI interface technologies speeds up information acquisition, manage sign reaction and raises manage precision. The Laptop can automatically decide the specimen characteristic to complete a best take a look at simply.
  • Safety net is put in to safeguard the safety of operators when the specimen is broken.

Tests programs:

  • Tensile test for metals: wire, rod, pipe, plate
  • Tensile take a look at for steel bar, steel strand
  • Tensile test for cable or cable elements.
  • Tensile test for parts and concluded components
  • It conforms to countrywide testing specifications and can also be CZPT upon ask for.


Model Law-a thousand Legislation-2000 Law-5000 Legislation-10000
Optimum testing power (kN) 1000 2000 5000 ten thousand
Testing drive precision Much less than +/- one%
Tests power range 2%-100% F`S
Tests area (mm) 1000, 5000, 10000, 30000 (customizable)
CZPT adjustment Bolt-resolve every 500mm
Entire-load testing velocity (mm/min) -100
No-load pace (mm/min) two hundred
Piston stroke(mm) five hundred, one thousand, 1500, 2000 (customizable)
Pre-tensioning stroke (mm) five hundred,1000,1500 (customizable)
Tensile fixtures for round specimen (mm) Φ10-Φ60 Φ15-Φ70 Φ15-Φ70 Φ20-Φ80
Components Bolt accessories, Pouring equipment (customizable)
Proportions (mm) In accordance to the tensile area*1300*900 According to the tensile room *1400*1050 According to the tensile space *1500*1100 According to the tensile place *1700*1200


Horizontal Tensile Testing Equipment Shenli 5000kn