High Speed Automatic Paper Die Cutting Machine

Full Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Stripping

Product description
Automatic Die Cutting Machine(With stripping) is special equipment which is suitable for high quality colored cardboard box and labels. It is the important equipment for creasing,die cutting,concave and convex in packaging area. The machine adopts more advantages from other die cutters domestic and abroad.

Model BMY1080 BMY1300 HBMY450 BMY1650
Max Paper Size 1080×780 mm 1330×980 mm 1480×1080mm 1650×1200mm
Min.Paper Size 400×370 mm 550×480 mm 600×530mm 650×530mm
Max Die Cutting Size 1070×770mm 1300×960 mm 1450×1050mm 1630×1180mm
Inner chase size 1096×786mm 1330×990 mm 1480×1080mm 1650×1200mm
Max Die Cutting Speed  6000s/h 4500s/h 4000s/h 4200s/h
Rated Power 17.2kw 25KW 31.2kw 45kw
Cutting pressure 300×104N 300×104N 300×104N 400×104N
Total weight 16.5T 27T 22T 40T
Cutting accuracy ±0.8mm ±0.8mm ±0.8mm ±0.8mm
Overall Diension (include the work plate)  
8720×3410×2460 mm
1571x5372x2550 mm
Paper type ACBEACABAEcorrugated board 1-9mm,one hundred-2000g ACBEACABAEcorrugated board 1-9mm, 100-2000g ACBEACABAEcorrugated board 1-9mm, 100-2000g ACBEACABAEcorrugated board 1-9mm, 100-2000g

  Configuration form :
1 feeding section feeding wind suction
2 precision feeding and die cutting front guide/side guide/adjustment
3 sheet feeder roller system
4 die cutting section plane cutting bench worm gear Crankshaft connecting rod type
5 Plane cutting work table fixed type
6 chase lock system pneumatic
7 High torque clutch brake pneumatic
8 Pressure adjusting device Wedge type
9 Overload protection device
10 Parallel cam inHangCZPT mechanism China
11 Gripper bar drive chain import
12 connect between die cutting plate and chase Stud, screw nut
13 changing plate of centre line system yes
14 gripper bar 7group 11 pcs
15 position test of die cutting paper inlet Detection of eye, whole
journey monitoring
16 front guide position can adjusted 2groups can be single or linkage
17 display fault/ speed LED
18 Each member is forced circulation lubrication oil pressure display,
oil break alarm
19 gripper transmission chain lubrication Independent automatic lubrication
20 stripping section Fully stripping Clean four sides and inside holes ,fully stripping
21 stripping structure upper and lower stripping tool
22 centre line system on   stripping section      
23 upper stripping lock form electronic control
24 motorized upper frame suspeding hoister      
25 Delivery section automatic plate high automatic delivery
26 counter
27Chain tensioning device,a main chain safety devicevapour-pressure type
28 Other rigidity of die cutting plate 75Cr

 Introduction of principal element

 1) Paper feeding part :

 Lead edge feeder. Frequency conversion management wind volume adjustment .Wind suction location can modify according to the paper dimensions with higher-electrical power enthusiast.

 2)Feed table :

 Adopts remaining and correct push aspect lay to fulfill diverse printing registration prerequisite.Adjustable rubber wheel and brush wheel to ensure precise positioning to enter into entrance and aspect lay.

three)Chopping component :
 Adopts pneumatic lock-up program on die chopping chase to boost efficiency.Computerized control exhibit method and 3D contact screen operation can quickly trace and visualize machine standing and achievable device cease leads to. Outfitted with three cam index box device and overloading safety clutch for excellent registration.

 four)Stripping area:

CZPT-action motion composition with higher and lower stripping body facilitates die modifications,motorized upper frame suspending hoist.Male/female die are CZPT for various stripping jobs. Outfitted with entire stripping unit for larger manufacturing effectiveness.

five)Shipping and delivery part :

 Adopts centerline registration technique, reduce die alter time, correct positioning can increase creation performance.

Packaging & Delivery

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Shipping within30 days on your payment.


CZPT film wrap and export regular wood situation

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High Speed Automatic Paper Die Cutting Machine