High Quality Cold Drawing Machine Double Chain Slbj-300


Cold drawing device

The chilly drawing device is largely used for drawing ferrous and non-ferrous metallic supplies (pipes and bars) at standard temperature. The blank pipe (rod) becomes the finished pipe (rod) with the desired form, diameter, precision and higher mechanical properties strongly stretched by the device. There are numerous kinds of chilly drawing machines, which mostly are classified as two varieties in accordance to the various sorts of transmission, particularly chain kind chilly drawing machine and hydraulic cold drawing machine.


Chain sort chilly drawing device

The chain type cold drawing equipment refers to that the drawing auto is driven by a sprocket chain technique, which has two major kinds, one-chained and double- chained.


CZPT- chained chilly drawing equipment

Functionality specification

The principal transmission of the double-chained cold drawing equipment drives two chains at the very same time, and the two chains are on the very same equipment physique, which together push a drawing vehicle to work. The drawing automobile is fixed with the chain, and moves CZPT and backward pushed by the chains’ steady reciprocates.

Due to the different framework, the double-chained cold drawing equipment has clear advantages in contrast with the one-chained cold drawing machine:
1. high degree of mechanization and automation for loading, unloading and acquiring, shortening the auxiliary procedure time and drawing paces, minimizing the operator’s labor depth
2.The drawing middle line and the chain stress line generally coincide, and the drawing procedure is stable, which is advantageous to ensure the high quality of the completed merchandise, increasing the drawing velocity and minimizing the functioning sounds.
3.Chain size is modest which is straightforward for production and upkeep.

From the development encounter of chilly drawing market in developed international locations, the double-chain cold drawing device replaces the one-chain chilly drawing equipment is the inescapable development.

The implementation common of double-chain solitary-equipment chilly drawing machine made by our factory is: JB/T 2298-2001

Fundamental CZPT Parameter

Serial No. Product Rated drawing

Rated drawing

Speed selection
of drawing

Return speed
of car

Max Drawing Diameter Drawing

Principal Motor

1 SLBJ-.five five 40 3-eighty eighty five 8 sixteen 1-3 4.five
two SLBJ-1 10 forty 3-80 eighty ten 15 sixteen one-3 9
three SLBJ-3 30 forty 3-80 80 15 20 sixteen 1-3 30
4 SLBJ-five fifty forty three-80 80 twenty/sixteen 30/25 16 one-3 forty five
5 SLBJ-10 one hundred 60 three-a hundred a hundred forty/twenty five 55/35 16 one-three 126
6 SLBJ-20 200 sixty three-100 a hundred 60/fifty 80/sixty five sixteen 1-3 250
7 SLBJ-thirty three hundred sixty 3-one hundred 100 89/65 a hundred thirty/eighty 16 1-three 360
eight SLBJ-fifty five hundred sixty three-a hundred one hundred 127/90 150/110 16 1-three 630
nine SLBJ-seventy five 750 forty three-sixty sixty 146 a hundred seventy five 16 1 630
ten SLBJ-a hundred one thousand thirty 3-60 60 168 200 sixteen 1 630
eleven SLBJ-a hundred and fifty 1500 thirty 3-sixty 50 a hundred and eighty three hundred 16 1 2×470
twelve SLBJ-200 2000 20 three-forty 40 219 400 16 1 2×420
13 SLBJ-three hundred 3000 twenty 3-40 40 273 500 16 1 2×630

High Quality Cold Drawing Machine Double Chain Slbj-300