NEMA Stainless Steel Stepper Motor With Double Capacitor

HZPT electric stainless steel / flush motor adopts enclosed fan cooling (Tens) or enclosed non-ventilated (ten) enclosure with protection grade of IP56, which can provide waterproof protection. These flushing motors are ideal for conveyor, pump, and material handling applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and poultry industries.

Features include double lip seals at the drive and non-drive end, different shaft lifting rings, O-rings and through bolts on the end cover, 304 stainless steel frame, stainless steel shaft, and waterproof wire connector/junction box. These waterproof motors have a rated power of 1/2 to 2 and a rated service factor of 1.15 (1.0 SF for AC drives).
Their versatility makes stainless steel / flush motors and other fractional HP motors well suited for limited inventory space. Orders for 25 or more 56 motors are eligible for advance shipment.

Parameters of Stainless Steel Stepper Motor

56C 6.5 0.16 2.75 1.88 0.625 0.517 0.188 1.41 2.44 3 3.87 0.34 3/8-16 5.875 4.5 6.93 5.79 3.504 8.07
143TC 6.5 0.16 2.75 2.25 0.771 0.771 0.188 1.41 2.75 4 4.87 4.87 3/8-16 5.875 4.5 6.93 5.79 3.504 8.07
145TC 6.5 0.16 2.75 2.25 0.771 0.771 0.188 1.41 2.75 5 5.87 5.87 3/8-16 5.875 4.5 6.93 5.79 3.504 8.07
  • TEFC or TENV enclosure
  • IP67 protection
  • Three phases, 208-230/460 Volts
  • 1.15 square feet
  • Class F insulation
  • C side with feet (welding) or round (without feet)
  • 304 stainless steel frame, end bracket, and junction box
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Antirust film of the rotor
  • Double lip seal with an additional collar at the drive end
  • The O-ring installed on the tail cover can prevent moisture intrusion
  • Including stainless steel wire connector
  • Inverter load

IP Rating of Stainless Steel Stepper Motor

The IP (entry protection) level of the motor is a measure of the ability of the motor to resist the entry of dust and water. Objects, dust, or water may enter the motor, as they do not adversely affect its operation. Two numbers follow the letter IP. The first number defines the resistance to dust, and the second defines the resistance to water. In particular, IP55 is a very misleading category because it is often referred to as “as good as weather protection.” Unfortunately, no motor manufacturer will accept warranty claims for damaged IP55 motors installed outdoors without ventilated rain covers. The reason is that rainwater or melted ice and snow has time to penetrate the unsealed gap and assembly socket, while hose water is only used for a short flushing period, and the motor will soon dry. IP55 does not necessarily mean sealing the motor’s outer surface. It can mean sealing the bearing and ultimately protecting the motor winding and all connections with resin, plastic cover, or both. Then allow water to enter the motor without causing any injury.

Stainless Steel Motor Export

HZPT is the Export Department of the EVER-POWER group and is 1 of the leading manufacturers of motors, fans, spare parts, and related products in China.
Our main motors include an AC motor, permanent magnet DC brush motor, brushless DC motor, stepping motor, synchronous motor, hysteresis motor, shaded pole motor, NEMA high-efficiency motor, AC and dc gear motor, outer rotor motor, fan and blower, general-purpose motor, Serov motor, AC and DC driver, etc.

We have 5 large motor factories in China that develop and manufacture for global customers. All factories have passed ISO9001 certification, and some products have passed TUV, CE, CSA, GS, and other certifications. Our annual production capacity reaches more than 10 million units, so we can meet the great demand of world-renowned international companies and have many OEM capabilities.
Our primary customers include Daikin, carrier, Haier, Siemens, Rheem, imperial Beloit, GEA, Delong, and other international brands.
HZPT also provides one-stop procurement/factory audit/quality control/logistics services to meet customers’ diversified production needs. The products we have purchased for our customers include various types of small household appliances, electric vehicles, stamping parts, die castings, magnets, protectors, plastic parts, commutators, molds, switches, relays, timers, buzzers, pumps, HVACR parts, PCBs, gearboxes and other products related to motors and electrical appliances.

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