1000-B 1000m Cralwer Rotary Table Drilling Rig Water Well Drill Unit

1000-B CZPT Parameter And Configuration

one,CZPT Parameter
Design: 1000-B
Max. drill depth:1000m
Drill diameter:one hundred forty-800mm
Engine:CZPT 180KW
Functioning air pressure:1.05-6.45MPa
Air intake:16-96.4 m³/min
Drill rod length:4.5m
Drill rod diameter:Φ89/Φ108/Φ114mm/Φ127mm
Air reverse double ply drill rod :Φ127mm(Optional)
Axial stress: 10t
Lifting drive: 40t
Gradual lifting pace:4.4m/min
Sluggish feed velocity:.5-seven.2m/min
Quick lifting velocity:25m/min
Quick feed velocity:36m/min
Rotation torque:24000Nm12000Nm
Rotation speed:-80r/min0-160r/min
Lifting potential of huge winch:4t Size of metal rope:60m
Lifting potential of modest winch:one.5t Length of metal rope:60m
Mud pump flow rate:600L/min(Optional)
Centrifugal pump circulation rate:1300L/min(Optional)
Penetration fee:ten-25m/h
Grade capability:21°
Complete dimension:8.7×2.3×3.three m
Software development:Unconsolidated layer or bedding rock
Drill approach: Down the hole
Hammer: Intermediate of high air pressure series

2,Buildings characteristics
1. Diesel motor-driving hydraulic program. Vacation, rotate, feed, hoist, land, raise, unload and so on are all run by hydraulic components.
2. In the course of rock drilling procedure, you can use down the hole hammer or reverse hammer(optional) that air compressor will provide wind to travel and slag. In operation, you can use hammer and typical drill rod to make constructive circulation operation or use reverse hammer and double ply drill rod(ingestion air by means of the hole of the double ply, and slag by means of the inner tube) to make reverse circulation operation.
three. If use reducing or tri-cone bit to drill the gap, you can decide on mud pump and slag with mud.
four. Working unit is made up of feed program, slide information(mast), top-driving rotary head, slide plate, centering equipment, unloading program and hoisting method, etc.
five. CZPT stress integrates the leading-driving rotary device into block to understand the energy output of the torque and pace of equally finishes in continual energy, lower velocity high torque and higher pace low torque. In purchase to adapt to distinct site situations and drilling iameters.
6. Rotary device is capable of turning away from the drilling axis, and make it hassle-free for the winch to fall the pipe and run.
7. Cylinder plate chain propulsion mode, dependable and sturdy
8. Roller slide is wearable.
9. Axial stress, feed pace and rotation velocity are adjustable.
ten. The lifting capacity of large winch is 4 tons. The metal rope is 60 meters prolonged, and it can support with lifting, dropping the pipe. The lifting potential of tiny winch is 1.5 tons, and can elevate drill bits, tools, etc. Or assist with discharging drill rod.
eleven. Crawler self-pushed construction journey mode, easy to move. Use crawler chassis. Steel keep track of website link(Inlaying rubber block is in option which is effortless to journey on town streets).With four large landing legs as standard configuration. Throughout lengthy-length transportation loaded with motor vehicle, it can be moved onto the automobile straight and effortless for transportation, no need to elevate.
12.Different hydraulic oil cooler allows the drill rig to work continually and the temperature of hydraulic oil is not going to get large.
thirteen. For the duration of operation, four hydraulic landing legs will modify the rig entire body amount and balance.
fourteen. During procedure, the mast can be fastened with the rig entire body, and a again knighthead will improve the procedure balance of the mast.
fifteen. Stage instrument and devoted centering apparatus guarantee the perpendicularity and precision of the drilling gap.
sixteen. Compressed-air program gives special oil mist lubricator to lubricate the hammer and lengthier the serving existence of it.


Main Application

Drilling wells for urban and rural daily life

Drilling wells for agricultural irrigation and industries

Drilling for geotechnical study

Drilling design engineering holes

Drilling geothermal pump wells 


Working Images

one. Air Drilling

two. Mud Pump Drilling

3. Main Drilling

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                                 Drilling Parameter
Hole diameter :                           ninety–1200(mm)
Hole depth :                                    250(m)
Run Of Rod :                                    three,four(m)
Drill rod diameter : φ60 φ73 φ89 φ95 φ133(mm)
Drilling Engineering :        Normaland Reverse Circulation for each Mud and Air
Down-The-Gap hammers:       Center-Large-Strain Air
Overall performance Parameter
Drill CZPT Inside of Diameter :         Φ35 φ60   φ80   φ120
Drill CZPT lifting pace(m/s) :            .37             .sixteen
Drill CZPT lifting Pressure(kN) :            forty five.4           one hundred and five
Drill CZPT Spin Speed:         A(Ahead:14-23-fifty two-84,Reverse:8-thirteen-29-47r/min)
B(Ahead:32-fifty two-116-188,Reverse:18-29-65-106r/min)
Condition Parameters
Dimensions :           (L-W-H) Doing work situations 5300×2000×7200(mm)
Transport standing:         (L-W-H)7900×2000×3000(mm)
Supporting Kind :                         Mechanical Screw
Mast Up-Down :                            CZPT Unit
Rig mass :                                       3800(Kg)
Chassis :                              Trailer with 4 wheels
Electrical power Unit :                                 Diesel Motor
Electricity :                                       49(kW)
Pump :                  LBN-twenty Standard and Reverse Circulation Pump Group
Circulation(m³/h) :                                            eighty
Principal CZPT Lifting Drive :           20.6(kN)
Feed Thrust :                    -fifteen(kN)
Notes: Drill head spin velocity can be picked, A is standard


1000-B 1000m Cralwer Rotary Table Drilling Rig Water Well Drill Unit